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Cooking Pizza

One of the best ways to cook a pizza is in an oven that can reach temperatures of 800–1200 degrees. Your pizza cooks in 2-4 minutes at these high temperatures.

Some of the best pizzas that I have tasted have been made in wood burning pizza ovens, but most people don’t have wood burning or pizza ovens in their kitchen.

In my kitchen I have an older Whirlpool oven that only heats up to 550 degrees. After years of less than perfect pizza, I developed a method of cooking pizza in a home oven that works just as well as having a wood burning oven in your kitchen.

I have also used pizza stones for baking pizza and they work fine, but you don’t need a pizza stone to make great pizza.

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I prefer to make my pizza in a 15 inch pizza pan

pizza making kit How to make pizza DVD The Perfect Homemade
Pizza Starter Kit

So many people have asked me to show them how to make pizza; I decided to put my film making skills to work. Most of my life has revolved around film making and photography, so production was easy.

There is so much to learn about making pizza that my DVD turned out to be about 40 minutes long. I have been giving away my DVD to family and friends and many of them have encouraged me to try to sell my DVD on the Internet.


What's On My DVD ?

Quick and easy ways to make your pizza crust.

A pizza cooking method that works great in home ovens.

Secrets to making a tasty crust like the pro’s.

Quick and easy pizza sauces you’ll love.

How to make a Mexican Pizza Sauce.

How to make my family’s favorite, “Garlic Chicken Alfredo Sauce”.

Where to buy your flour and supplies at half the price that you would pay at your local grocery store.

Different blends of cheeses that I use for my Greek pizza, Mexican Pizza and many more.

Why you don’t need a pizza stone to make a great tasting pizza.

How to turn your leftover pizza dough into great tasting Italian pastries.

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