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So many people have asked me to show them how to make pizza; I decided to put my film making skills to work. Most of my life has revolved around film making and photography so production was easy.

There is so much to learn about making pizza that my DVD turned out to be about 40 minutes long. I have been giving away my DVD to family and friends and many of them have encouraged me to try to sell my DVD on the internet.

Here is what some say:

For the second consecutive year, Auburn Home Chef Vinny DiLeo has walked away from the Gold Country Fair with a major cooking prize. This year it was for Placer County’s best homemade pasta. (last year it was for the best pizza)
Bob Masullo, Sacramento Bee

You can’t beat your home cooked pizza crust. You’ve gone through many different methods of experimenting with the dough, its ingredients and the way you cook it, and come up with a great gourmet style pizza crust. It is way better than any pizza places flat boring pizzas.
Nick, California

Thank you very much for the recipe and the DVD, the DVD is a very good idea. It’s perfect to learn how to make pizza at home a lot of different ways. I am very happy with the DVD. My wife bought me a bread maker today because your DVD says that this is one of the best and fastest ways of making pizza dough. I also found high gluten flour, but is not easy to find a good one in Quebec.
Thanks Very Much From A Pizza Fan
Jean-Daniel, Quebec, Canada

Happy Holidays and good health to you!! I have really enjoyed your DVD…..very professional! I have not tried a pizza yet. I am a little nervous about the flour. I don’t see high gluten flour on my grocer’s shelf. Any tips?
Weare, NH

I thought it was great to have a pizza party with 5 different pizzas to try along with wine. I have never attended a party where you got to taste so many different kinds of pizza. I really liked the Greek with feta cheese and Greek olives. I also liked equally well the Garlic Chicken with Alfredo sauce. I think the best part of your pizza is the crust.
Auburn, California


The Perfect Homemade Pizza Starter Kit....$29.95

Pizza Kit

You get the best pizza pan that I use for making pizza. These are professional pizza pans that many of the best pizzerias use and they are hard to find!

These pans are made of heavy aluminum and the one I use is 15 inches and fits perfectly in any home oven. I'll also send you a professional pizza cutter and a pizza pie server. These are all professional pizza making tools that are hard to find in most stores.

They will be delivered to your door in a 16 inch pizza box along with

"My Secrets To Making The Best Homemade Pizza"

This 40 minute instructional dvd is packed full of pizza making secrets and will guide you step-by-step to making the best gourmet pizza you have ever eaten.

You are also automatically enrolled in my pizza mentoring program when you purchase my DVD.

This free pizza mentoring program keeps you in touch, so that if you should run into a problem perfecting your pizza skills, I will be there to help. Whatever the problems may be, we will solve them together.

As An Added Bonus I'll send you my Mama's recipes for making "Fried Pizza". This one recipe helped me earn $1,000 per weekend while going to college.

When my Dad came over from Naples, Italy, he brought with him recipes from his family for making the best pasta's and many other delicious recipes that you won't find in a cook book. You will receive all of these recipes plus many of my own original recipes.

This Pizza Kit makes a great gift for the chef in your life.

You'll soon be making pizza like a pro!.

I guarantee it.


My DVD teaches you everything you need to know to make perfect pizza!


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Just think, for the price of one gourmet pizza you will be feeding your family and friends pizza for years!

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What's on the DVD?

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If you already have your own pizza pans, you can order the DVD only.

In a short amount of time you will learn how to make perfect homemade pizza.


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