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Mozzarella is the main type of cheese that is used on most pizzas. There are many different kinds of Mozzarella.  Try to find a store that carries whole milk mozzarella. This is a nice creamy flavored mozzarella. It makes an excellent pizza. The other more common types of mozzarella that you find in most grocery stores are low fat and pasteurized mozzarella.  These work too. 


Buffalo mozzarella
(1st choice)

Buffalo mozzarella is another great mozzarella to use but it is hard to find.  Yes, it is made from Buffalo milk and is one of the best cheeses that I have tasted.

Substitute cheeses

A good substitution for mozzarella is Munster cheese , Jack cheese, feta cheese, or Provolone Cheese.

Blend different cheeses

Mix different blends of cheeses to add unique flavors to your pizza

My Award Winning Blend:cheese for pizza

I mix a blend of these 5 cheeses; 60% mozzarella and 10% each of the other 4 cheeses.



Grating your cheese

Here is a little trick that I learned for grating your cheeses.  Use your food processor for grating the harder cheeses such as Asiago,Provolone, Romano and Parmigiano-Reggiano  If your mozzarella is too soft use a course grater. 

Your cheese will melt nicely on your pizza when you coarse grate in larger pieces.

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