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Chef Vinny Reveals His Award Winning Pizza Dough Recipe
Award Winning Chef Vinny DiLeo


This newspaper clipping appeared in the Sacramento Bee after I won a cooking award for having the “Best Tasting Pizza In The County”.

Most Common Problems Making Pizza At Home.

Your pizza dough does not rise enough.

Your pizza crust does not puff out after being cooked.

Your cheese burns on top.

The center of your pizza is not cooked.

The bottom of your pizza crust is not crunchy enough

Your pizza crust needs more flavor.

Your pizza crust is not golden brown.

It takes too long to make pizza from scratch.

How To Solve All Your
Pizza Making Problems

Here Are Some
Pizza Making Tips

Your pizza will brown faster and more evenly by adding non-fat dry milk to your pizza dough recipe.

Try adding semolina flour to your pizza recipe to make your pizza dough lean and chewy.

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